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Suggestions for the general form of the scientific journal
Computer Division
Higher Institute of Computer and Information Technology
Academy of Sunrise

The need to put a uniform outer shape in the upper part of the magazine and some parts of the other cover emphasizes the personality of the Academy and the sunrise logo, and the external design in English.

Print Properties:
1- Standardize the general size of scientific journals issued by the university to be the size of each magazine 17X24 cm as of the first issue 2006.
2 - printing all the academic journals on Cushite paper 115 g.
3 - Cushion cover 300 grams 4 colors.
4 - The research and articles are printed on one column - using Time New Romans - with 14 bits for the Arabic language - with 12 bits for the English language.
5 - The main headlines of articles 16 Bold and the sub-headings of 14 Bold and abstract Abstract at the beginning of the research is printed in 10 Italik followed by Arabic summary size 12.
6 - Name of researcher and job and e-mail written Pnet 14 for the Arabic language - Pnat 12 of the English language at the top of the search.
7 - Footer footer at the top of the pages of the magazine and below is the name of the magazine - Issue number of the magazine and the year by 10.

Internal order of the magazine:
1- The first internal page bears the name of the magazine as well as the editorial board. The next page contains the Scientific Council of the magazine. The two pages contain the publication authority as well as the volume, number, date of issue, e-mail address and the website of the magazine in the languages ​​in which the magazine is published.
2- Page No 4.3 A brief description of Al Shorouk Academy, the scientific objectives of the journal, and the terms and conditions of its scientific publication shall be published in the languages ​​of publication of the Journal.
3 - The publication of an index of the magazine languages ​​published magazine
4 - All research begins with a summary of 12-15 lines in the same language of research, and a summary of the Arabic language is not more than 20 lines.

In order to maintain the general appearance of the academic journals, the number of pages does not like to exceed 200 pages per number.

A sample of the same magazine cover is printed for the researchers' abstracts on 115-gram paper. The volume number, number and date of publication shall be numbered.







M. F. Tolba, S. K. Fathy


Vice president of Ain Shams Univeristy

Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Ain Shams Univeristy

e-mail:, and



The abstract can be written here in not more than 15 lines.


ملخص باللغة العربية "العنوان باللغة العربية"

يذكر هنا ملخص البحث باللغة العربية فيما لا يزيد عن 15-20 سطر.


1. Other Guidelines

1.1. Figures and Tables:

Graphs, charts, diagrams, and tables must be clearly handed, numbered and referred to the text.


1.2. Equations:

Each equation should be typed on separate line and numbered consecutively. Development of mathematical expressions should be presented in appendices, if necessary, with only the relevant equation stated in the main text.


1.3. References:

References should appear in a separate bibliography at the end of the paper. References should be numbered in the order of citation within the paper.



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